bus [TDC749]


It seems like hardly a day goes by these days without some newspaper article about childhood obesity or the unfitness level of the general population. Whilst it is reasonable to question the accuracy of some of these reports, to be frank, I am no longer shocked nor surprised at the picture painted by these ‘facts’; merely saddened by how likely the are to be closer to the truth than one might otherwise imagine.


Today I got to run the 28th Jersey parkrun [pacing my father] which means I now have only 2 to go to get my 50 t-shirt [after over 5 years; but I am on nearly 200 volunteering stints, meaning I must have done something parkrun nearly every Saturday for just over 5 years!?] and then jog back into town afterwards. Nice sunny day. Just realised that tomorrow marks 3/4 of the way through the Thousand Day Challenge.

TDC 749 days 8217 miles


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