marathon [TDC748]

So today I processed my London Marathon guiding entry, so I am certainly in the run with E.J. Scott on April 24th. Also I sent in a little clip talking to camera for a potential Tesco advert after the race. What with running the route in reverse during the night, baggage manager duties early morning, then guiding / pacing, it is going to be a fun day.

Also got in my marathon route for Ben ‘401 marathon man’ Smith. A training marathon just after London [for me].

A nice early morning 1:48 Half Marathon training run today, along the coast with high tide coming over the walls. I had thought about doing a training Marathon but my mind just wouldn’t settle today. All now seeming like a jog. Sometimes that itself can be the problem? Now at 900 miles done this year and 800 miles left to get twice around the world [in 32 years]. I still might just get there for Kent Marathon day on May 28th?

TDC 748 days 8208 miles


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