Found this piece in the Metro last week quite funny. At first I thought what a whinging whingebag. It’s only a marathon. Even an Olympian sprinter [not used to longer long distance work] would be able to get around a few miles without much trouble? Especially as she was in the Army as a PTI!


Then I remembered the studies that show even world class athletes will regress to man in the street fitness after 12 months or less. Besides, I’m sure she doesn’t really find it that hard; she is probably pushing for a 3 hour / good time? But then, if you only start training in January what do you expect? Another example of someone that should know better setting a bad example for more average runners; after all no matter how unfit she may now be compared to her Olympian peak fitness, she is still likely to outrun 95% of the rest of us.

Back to Jersey at the crack of dawn today, so a 6 mile jog down to London Bridge station at 3.30am [no tubes that early] just to discover [after a very confused 20 minutes with other passengers] that London Bridge on the ticket actually means Blackfrairs!??? Had to catch a train 50 minutes later than planned and only just made the plane [to then have 10 minutes standing in the embarkation tunnel, 10 minutes on the plane refuelling, 10 minutes taxiing, and still arriving Jersey 20 minutes earlier than scheduled? I don’t understand!

Awful rain and wind early morning, so I just did an 11 mile jog with my father in the afternoon when the sun came out briefly [but still very windy].

TDC 746 days 8185 miles


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