dreadmill [TDC745]

At last, something I first mooted two years ago has finally come about. Andre and I taking on the John Lewis Stratford staff at an all day [7 hours only, had wanted the full 10 hours store opening time] running challenge on the store’s treadmills in the sport’s department [I had originally suggested the shop window as good PR].


Well that was the plan anyway. On arriving the time had been reduced to only 11am till 4pm maximum. So I got Andre to run the lot alone. A 15 minute forced break after 45 minutes when the fuse blew but otherwise he did a 4.15 marathon [fastest in 4 years] and beat 13 members of staff by half a mile. Was great to support my mate this time.

I got to lead the evening Sweatshop 10K so still got in a recovery 7 miles today at least. Up and running again at 3.30am down to London Bridge to catch a train to Gatwick. Hopefully I don’t get arrested for being smelly on the plane.

TDC 745 days 8168 miles


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