mad dogs [TDC742]

A good day today. A nice relaxed jog to Barking parkrun, some 24 minute-ish 5K pacing for a friend [shame to run into a person from the past that still talks bollux], a jog to/around/back from Romford sorting out a marathon route for 401 marathon man Ben. Lots of little ‘walk for drink break’ pauses during the latter part of the 17 miles; certainly got very warm from 11 am onwards.

Great to run ‘off the map’ from time to time. Knew roughly where I was at all times but wasn’t looking at any maps etc, just seeing where the feet took me and joining up little bits I have done in the past. Interesting to see how things connect in areas you don’t run often.

Nice to get back to about 100 miles for the week. Will be interesting to see how a 22 miler at pace goes tomorrow but I certainly could feel on any little ‘ups’ today that my legs feel solid and strong.

Laughing when I jumped on the bus at Barking to come home; I may as well have walked the last 3 miles. Any politician that says that London’s road transport is working needs to be put against the wall when the revolution comes, as they clearly have no clue. The bus took 15 minutes to go about 400 metres getting out of Barking [mad]!?

TDC 742 days 8132 miles


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