bowing [TDC737]

So I am 710 miles ahead of minimum needed TDC mileage, I now have 900 miles to go to get twice around the world, and I have 8 1/2 weeks to go to the Kent marathon where I hope to good-for-age for London next year. Hence lots of exciting albeit slow miles ahead then for the next couple of months.

It might be fun to try to make the Kent marathon the goal for not only running a fairly fast time but also hitting that round the world mark and being 1,000 miles up on TDC mileage? Also getting to TDC 9,000 miles.

amigoes 28 16.jpg

image Tony Lobo

It will mean all at 100 miles a week minimum for the next 9 weeks, so back to it from today. A truly miserable morning of very cold wind and rain but lovely company. Another 13 miles in the bag.

TDC 737 days 8061 miles


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