shock [TDC736]

Another slightly longer mileage day; nice to be getting slowly back to the distance work but still with a gentle sub 24 minute 5K at the end. Should be finally back up to the 100 miles a week level in the next few days then it’s a solid 3 or 4 weeks at that weekly mileage.

wt 260316.jpg

Shocked yesterday to get on the scales! I was wearing two layers of clothes, due to standing around volunteering in the chilly wind at parkrun, but still!? I suspect I am really about 12 stone but that still means I have put back on all the weight I lost in Nov/Dec. Rather depressing that I am once again a fat f*k, from one angle, but from another, if I can run 1.29 Half marathons on undulating courses at 12 stone then how much faster might I get if I can get to a ‘running’ weight of 11 stone or a racing weight of 10.5 stone or less?

TDC 736 days 8048 miles


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