ER [TDC732]

So Mr Izzard has completed his 27 marathons in 27 days challenge [missed day 5 though and had to do a double at the end]. Great for charity fund raising and great in the short term perhaps for getting people more active, but any good as an athletic feat?


Eddie tried this challenge in 2012 and didn’t get there, so I am glad he managed it this time. Certainly looking less lardy-arsed than last time and at the age of 54 he is certainly putting much younger runners to shame. Perhaps he actually did some proper training this time?

Despite the “wow isn’t he a star because he’s merely a cleb and therefore shouldn’t be able to do this” nonsense, the fact is, if David Carrier’s two decade old [resurfacing in Christopher McDougall’s book ‘Born to Run’] reasonable enough sounding endurance running hypothesis holds true, we are simply all designed to be able to do this.

The key to Izzard’s success arguably was, “I do kind of holistic marathons”, meaning frequent stops to rest / refuel / admire the scenery. Done this way I believe you could probably cover the marathon distance daily non-stop forever.

Only 14 miles today [7 early morning and 3 jog to evening group then 4 miles with them] to take me over the 8,000 mile mark. Find it ‘funny’, given it is a couple of days over the 2 year anniversary of the TDC, that I have essentially run a year of 3,800 miles and then a year of 4,200 miles.

TDC 732 days 8005 miles


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