wembley [TDC729]

A lovely running morning with viewtube runners [lots more PBs] at the North London Half Marathon in Wembley. A fun and sociable day that nearly went awry due to the crowds; meaning we failed to meet up before the event and warm up. Having to queue to get a runner’s number for them meant I didn’t get to even jog before the race started [merely got to jump up and down keeping warm in the start pen] so I am happy I managed to pace fairly evenly for the whole 13 miles [elevation factored in].

Having decided that today would be a ‘test how tired the legs are?’ day, I planned to run from the start at a sensible suicide pace [if that’s not an oxymoron] despite not feeling race fit. That pace being to get a current PB by beating the Ealing Half time from October of 1:30.23 and going under 90 minutes if possible in spite of the challenging course.


Job done. The strange thing sometimes about kamikaze running is that the pace you think is pretty fast turns out to be easily within your capabilities. I’m not saying the race was a walk in the park but at no point did I feel like I would have to quit / walk / slow down. The legs felt rather tired on the two inclines around mile 11 [pace dropped by 20 seconds] but the last mile slightly downhill was back to 6.30 pace and the breathing wasn’t an issue at all.

It’s certainly good to be back to some ‘proper’ running in the last 12 months after finally putting the nonsense / grief from 2013 behind me. And I feel like I haven’t really started yet.

TDC 729 days 7974 miles


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