early [TDC721]

Up running at 5.15 am [the earliest yet] but not a morning person. Great to therefore have some company for a few faster than usual miles. Forgot to turn watch on for first 2 miles but a nice steady 7.40 ish pace for about 8 out of 14 miles.

After an hour’s break a jog to/from parkrun and a trot around the 5K to get my 46th tick towards that 50 t-shirt [only been just over 5 years so far] which I hope to finally get before Wanstead Flats’ 5th anniversary in May.


Image Bruce Li

A nice ‘getting back to it’ 22 mile day then. Will aim for something similar tomorrow. I hope by the end of the coming week to be roughly at 1,000 miles to go for twice around the world since I started running [very modest mileage considering] and at 8,000 TDC miles out of the planned 10,000 with still 9 months to go [still roughly 700 miles ahead of schedule].

TDC 721 days 7892 miles


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