nanny [TDC692]

Of course as soon as one cleb jumps on the bandwagon so do others. Not itself a bad thing I guess, but it takes much more to change anything in a lasting way. The biggest problem seems to be that the Gov insists on sticking to an outmoded measurement system like BMI. For younger children especially this can give completely unreliable results. Unfortunately most health care professionals do not understand what the results actually mean and therefore are telling perfectly normal youngsters that they are overweight.


Some thoughts about how to tackle the issue of obesity open up more questions about the role of the nanny state, but parents don’t seem to be tackling the problem very well alone. In my opinion these things only seem to get sorted when there is a monetary penalty for acting in a certain way. Telling people that something is ‘bad’ for you [smoking, taking drugs, drinking whilst pregnant] unfortunately doesn’t seem to affect major change in most of those that wish to engage in such behaviour.

I’d think that in most parts of the world now, and in all parts of the world before the 20th century, there weren’t a great number of obese people not because no one liked to regularly eat, drink and be merry or ‘laze’ around to excess, but because people simply didn’t have many opportunities to do so?

Today just a trot home after work.

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