ninja [TDC691]

I am glad to read that Jamie Oliver is prepared to ‘go ninja’ on the Prime Minister for some kind of REAL battle on obesity. Whether that be a proposed sugar tax or other strategy. Those of us who work in health and fitness areas despair at the sorry state of the nation, our youth in particular. Not that it is a British problem solely, but we are currently the fat man of Europe. Shame it takes the actions of a celebrity chef to highlight what should be very obvious to all?


Duane Hanson sculpture 1969 ‘Supermarket Lady’

The biggest failing [it was obvious to all of us with half an eye on the world beforehand] of the 2012 Olympics is that it has NOT affected any real change in physical activity rates. Despite the promises and hopes of politicians, these one off kind of things rarely do. The only way real changes come about is if there is a cultural sea change.

Today just an early morning 10 mile run, with some ups, with the girls. Lazy day. Oops!

TDC 691 days 7612 miles


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