Yes the ‘quick burst’ so called high intensity training does have a measurable effect on calorie burning at a higher level for some hours after, but I have always been suspicious about the claims that all you need do is a couple of 10 minute sessions a week and bingo you are a svelte killing machine. Obese [if there ever was such a thing] captain caveman legs it from a sabre tooth tiger twice a week and then gorges on high energy snacks the rest of the time and remains slim? The numbers don’t add up.

Had to laugh last night on seeing the evening paper. Now it seems even sexercise is getting in on the calorie burning tracking game. A sure sign of a culture in meltdown? Or at least one bogged down with tech for no reason apart from keeping the cash man happy. Who should need to track every calorie burnt to that degree? Only a society that has too many calories and not enough meaningful physical activity.

Recovery day of just 3 miles lunchtime at QMUL with beginners.

TDC 690 days 7602 miles


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