age-graded [TDC 688]


So it was clear yesterday that without a warm up I took 4K to get my breath and my lack of speed stamina made itself known at 7K. Kilometre splits 3.50, 4.08, 3.58, 4.15, 4.06 then some 4.12 ish Ks and a final 4 minute]. Not great. Should be able to keep them all around the 4 min mark?

The thing that has made me laugh though is I need to start making my way to the front of the pack now I have gone up an age group, it appears? I came third in my group!? Unfortunately races are judged on gun not chip time [I would have won January’s event].

Picked up a bit of a sore throat/sniffs last week that have now made themselves known. Hate getting ‘ill’ but usually passes in a couple of days with proper care. Just a little 3 mile trot home after work as a recovery today. Quads a bit tight but to be expected.

 TDC 688 days 7577 miles


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