making tracks [TDC684]


So I had always assumed [wrongly it turns out] that the track in Victoria Park had been stripped of its surface when the new track was built at Mile End Stadium; so that all that remained was the track bed. Turns out the truth is far more interesting. There appear to be perhaps five remaining cinder tracks from the 1920s in Greater London. I remember runners from my local track saying they remember running there [for free] when it was still a cinder track in the 1960s but you tend to not realise what they are actually saying,


1964 Olympics, the last to be held on a cinder track

If there is anything of our sporting past that should be preserved surely these deserve some attention? Not that these sites necessarily saw any great events / times / competitions, but that they are [like open air swimming lidos] a link to a past when ‘athletics’ was something novel, of great interest, considered to be the stuff of real human endeavour / achievement. A golden age no less.


I would love to run five of my summer marathons at these locations. Hard the ol’ roun’ n roun’ though, but the surface should be easier on tired legs? My interest is that they are ‘odd’ distances [being pre-metric].

Today an early morning session with Andre, Cheryl, Ellie and Laila and a little jog after work. Forgot to turn watch off today!

 TDC 684 days 7552 miles


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