During the 50 marathons I am sure it will be factors other than the actual running that will be the hardest to contend with? Trying to gen up on as much as I can before July. I never really suffer from cramp during runs but on daily very tired legs? Cramp is still not very well understood, but this article about the use of spices in the relief of cramps is interesting.

Today just a little jog after work with a few first steps of the year training and a jog home after the evening Run England session. Only 3 miles and I forgot to turn the watch back on after a traffic light stop! All feeling very laid back, but probably for the best whilst I slowly introduce higher quality running over the next three weeks. Then I’ll slowly pick the mileage back up over the following three weeks. I have to remind myself that I did an ultra less than three weeks ago [and was running crazy mileage only five weeks ago].


All feeling very exciting now though, with the 50/50 countdown well under way. 5 1/2 months left today, meaning only 164 days to go.

TDC 683 days 7539 miles


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