smile [TDC675]

Today the speedier, shorter stuff was supposed to start, so I could assess my leg recovery so far, and my general fitness level. Yes, the uncomfortable 1 mile time trial, but the rain and blustery wind made it pointless. Here’s hoping the wind will ease so I can try again on Friday after work. Just 3 miles after work [with some short pace pick-ups] and then 8 miles inc leading the Sweatshop 10K in the evening.

Only short distance/track running, but I had never seen this documentary before. A good insight into the dedication needed to succeed. Back when athletics was thought to be golden [at least in achievement terms] and it felt wonderful to be a Brit, and someone that ran, no matter how slowly.

I’ve never raced 1 mile before last year. I know I did a 5 minute mile at the end of a 6 miles in 36.25 training run back when I was 17 years old about 6 months after starting running, but I’ve never been interested in ‘short’ distance really. Straight in at Half Marathon [first race] then Marathon [second race]. To this day my best results tend to be at Half Marathon for some reason?

TDC 675 days 7473 miles


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