inspiration [TDC674]

I’ve been dipping into “The Cool Impossible” by Eric Orton today. I have to admit that most running books leave me cold. ‘Inspirational’ biography books usually have nothing to say that I haven’t already heard/seen/experienced and ‘how to’ books are usually pitched at so low a level that they contain nothing from which to learn.

I guess that will always be the problem with ‘populist’ books aimed at a general readership [where an author will make most of their money of course]. In general there unfortunately appears to be either a dearth of new adventures to be had or a lack of imagination from commissioning editors? May be the moving image will always come out tops?

Busy working today so only time for a 2 mile jog. Pants! Lovely weather out there too. Already working on plans for next year’s big adventure / challenge. I’ll be giving away a year but I should have plenty of stamina for sure.

TDC 674 days 7462 miles


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