lox [TDC673]

Nice to get back to the slightly longer running. Only 19 miles with stops and starts. A little bit of an adventure down to Kentish Town Locks with viewtube guys. Got to walk through the 195 year old locks that have been drained for lock gate replacement.

kt lock2 jan 24 2016.jpg

[photo courtesy Marcin Sikorski]

Made myself a deal yesterday; I can eat whatever naughtiness I like today and then ‘nutrition city’ from tomorrow. Typical displacement behaviour, but as long as it works.  I have allowed myself a GBK milkshake every run of 16 miles or more in one go [but not more than once a week]. A bit like the deal you make with teens, “if you can finish the whole cigar without barfing you can take up smoking,” I am already chocolated out.

Started contacting parties to arrange marathon locations for July onwards. All getting real now. Some interesting ideas are forming; I have to be honest I hadn’t really thought about exact locations before now. What fun.

TDC 673 days 7460 miles


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