pledge [TDC672]

A jog to/from parkrun duties this morning and a couple of reflective miles walked after. Up to 45 runs [I have been doing far more parkruns in the last 6 months than I usually do – usually on volunteering duty] but I will miss my 50 t-shirt in under 5 years by a few weeks now. No matter, I’ll aim for before the 5th anniversary of Wanstead Flats.

weight 230116.jpg

On those scales today and I’ll admit I am low level annoyed to have put on 4 lbs. Only low level as I suspected and anticipated the gain given the recovery weeks since the New Year; and that the first two weeks of 2016 were in some ways [running wise at least] the equivalent of my Xmas break.

I simply now have to get a handle on my nutrition asap. The lighter I am the better chance I have to good-for-age for a London Marathon place at the marathon in May, but more importantly for this Summer, the lighter I am the less strain on the joints during the multi-day marathoning.

I will therefore be 1 stone less come the end of May. Might actually be my biggest challenge this year? Certainly it will see me at my lowest weight in 20 years.

TDC 672 days 7441 miles


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