So, it gradually starts again. Early morning 8 mile run [6 with Ellie]. Very frosty morning with lots of care needed on the icy pavements. Can’t believe the ultra was only 5 days ago; legs feeling good already [though I’m sure they have no speed in them].

Surprised to learn that apparently Monday was/is called/dubbed ‘Blue Monday’? The “most depressing day of the year”. I guess running an ultra and then having your most prominent DOMS day [48 hours post event usually] coinciding with that day is a pretty cool trick then?  You are simply too concerned with recovery and getting on with it to be depressed. And the next day everything is naturally ‘up’ and you are on to a winner. Maybe the C2C needs to add the tagline ‘Blue Monday Buster’?

TDC 670 days 7434 miles


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