Okay, so tentatively back to it today. About 4 miles walking after work but only a 6 mile jog leading the Sweatshop 10K group in the evening.


C2C somewhere in the first 10 miles?

Intrigued to see that looking at the last few years Country to Capital 45 results, my time on Saturday would have got me into the top 12 finishers most years. Good to see that longer than marathon distance running is starting to take off in popularity? Or at least the standard of participants is getting higher? This article from 1983 painted a very different picture. I don’t think ultrarunning will ever become ‘mainstream’, as it simply takes too much time and effort [compared to the marathon where you CAN wing it and get away with just about ‘surviving’ the distance].


Now to try and combine getting a bit of 10K speed plus marathon speed stamina over the next four months whilst still maintaining the capacity to run marathons day after day [without actually doing so, yet]. A very tricky balancing act. Will have to think hard about this one.

Should be past the early ultra recovery stage by Thursday [completely rehydrated and fed] so I think it will have to be the dreaded scales time, to check the weight again.

TDC 668 days 7424 miles


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