devilish [TDC666]

Two thirds through the thousand day challenge today. A recovery day. Quads understandably sore. Mid-back unexpectedly sore from carrying the rucksack no doubt? Otherwise feeling fine. Old school Vaseline meant not a single blister nor hot spot the entire run.

I realise I never touched any of my kit [emergency stuff you are required to carry; torch, phone, and the extra socks, top, over trousers] including the water and gels. I got by on the 300ml water and two gels provided at each checkpoint [5 in total]. Certainly easier than eating solid foods and I at last found a gel that I quite like. I might even become converted to using them on longer events? Also breakfast [scotch egg, whole Soreen malt loaf, raisin bagel] 3 hours before, must have been about right? I got the clothing  layers about correct too.


I’m liking the fact that the event gave you a time and splits printout immediately on finishing. I obviously went faster than the times I had pencilled in for reaching each checkpoint [1:10, 1:30, 1:15, 1:10, 45, 1:00], based on previous year’s athletes times similar to the finish time I hoped to achieve. Notably over the last three where I was getting quicker rather than a more normal slowing down. Legs must be getting stronger?

I had thought when I hit the canal with 18 miles to go I might get 6.15 [but thought my maths was wrong as I had planned for 6.45 and fastest time 6.30] then with 13 miles to go I pushed for 6.10, so I’m happy to get almost 6.05 [watch says ‘moving time’ 6 hrs 44 seconds]. That said the course is only 68K/42.5 miles rather than the advertised 45 miles. Even so, with adjustment I was still faster than the fastest I had planned by about 5 minutes?

Got the planning right in following whom I thought had done the event before and was running the same pace, for the first 20 ish miles, so as to minimize the navigation. Conditions pretty cold but dry, light wind and behind most of the way. The frost had dried out most of the nasty mud from the week before. Only a few tricky ‘lakes’ to get around and some ‘rocky’ ankle breaker [if not careful] very narrow paths.

All in all a good race. Certainly better than anticipated. Finished second in my age group in 6:05.58 and 32nd overall out of 300 ish. A good over-distance training run. Now back to the marathon-ish distance runs and shorter stuff, to get ready for the Summer.

Today restricted myself to just a 2 mile recovery jog to viewtube to say hello to everyone [walked home after]. Yesterday ensured that the mileage for the week still got up to around 90 miles.

TDC 666 days 7416 miles


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