shoeaholic [TDC658]

So I have my newish [350 miles old] ukgear PT-1000, my adidas ultra boost Sweatshop ‘gift’ for running 50 out of 52 weeks with them [bright yellow!], two pairs of cheap Karrimor and a pair of trail shoes that I just picked up from sports direct, plus two pairs of pretty old PT-1000s and an old pair of mizuno and an ancient [muddy parkrun only] pair of saucony, and another pair of mizuno I left in Jersey last week. Might just last me the year if it is a lower mileage 12 months than 2015? Certainly never had so many pairs on the go at once!


I was looking forward to trying the ultra boosts [not just as they have ‘ultra’ in their name] on a faster run as they seem almost ‘non-shoe’. More knitted sock with some plastic parts and a funny foam sole. Strangely I was talking to a friend recently about why it wasn’t possible to design a carbon fibre skeleton around which cushioning and soles and shoe body, lasts etc, could be fitted and refitted as parts wore out. It turns out they feel like running on marshmallows. Will take some getting used to that’s for sure.

Today I went to Hackney parkrun to have a little fast blast to see how the legs were feeling post higher mileage during the last few weeks? Ended up being more a test of the cardiovascular system. A nice way to start the year but a bit disappointed with only 20.07 as I know I should be able to go faster.

I was surprised it wasn’t the legs holding me back. The first 400m was a shock to the breathing. I think the issue was a little lack of eye of the tiger [diaphragm was sore] to deal with the discomfort and the mistake of following someone younger and usually faster; and by the time you realise their pace has slipped you have lost that crucial 20 seconds. With a 3 mile jog there as warm up that wasn’t enough of a proper warm up obviously. Still, given all the longer, slower work of late and that it has been 2-3 months since running at this pace I shouldn’t be too blue. Everything being equal I feel I should be around 19 minutes before the 50 marathons start?

TDC 658 days 7322 miles


5 thoughts on “shoeaholic [TDC658]

  1. Given the amount of running you do…
    – have you ever had pain and/or injury problems due to over-used shoes?
    – do you find there’s a variation between manufacturers with regard to how long their products last?
    – and roughly how many miles would you run in a pair before retiring them (or do you find they fall apart in other ways first in general)?

  2. no injuries due to shoe use as, as soon as I get ‘pain’ below knees shoes get ‘retired’ to second line duty ie shorter runs only, then muddy runs only then walking to the shops only [if they last that long] Never been that brand conscious as I seem to find most shoes unproblematic so just go for whatever is cheap in the sales and looks like it won’t fall apart after 5 minutes. That said most modern shoes are pretty well made and pretty much the same kind of thing so should last roughly the same kind of time? I have found the ukgear pt-1000 to be an excellent wearing shoe though. Usually the place that goes first is the big toe area on uppers but as not style conscious I just keep on going. Soles tend to wear out midsole rather than heel these days as my footstrike has obviously changed for the better over the years?

  3. Thanks for that – I’ve had a couple of almost bad experiences; early models of a particular brand, the soles wore out super-fast (mid-sole like you, but at <200 miles!) and one pair I was thick & stuck in the washing machine and they wore out super-fast (~250 miles) & hurt my knee. Which is why I ask.

  4. NEVER wash in machine or dryer or even on the radiator [the glue comes undone] baled newspaper inside and air dry best. Only posers and salaried runners have clean shoes lol

    Apparently round the world runners like rosie swale extended the life of their shoes by hundreds of miles by using ‘crazy glue’ on the soles. Not tried myself yet as not sure what glue that is exactly?

    • I certainly learned that one the hard way :o) If they’re really muddy & gritty I run them under the hose before taking them off now. I don’t mind the mud, it’s the grit and how abrasive it is when it’s dry afterwards.

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