daft punk [TDC656]

I noticed today I have only 1,683 miles to go to have run twice around the world since I started running. Not that mileage is a be all and end all but I have run competitively pitiful mileages most years [1500 miles average] up until this last 3 years. I did only run 3 or 4 times a week though. And at much faster pace/effort most of the time.

Today the last day of the recovery period. A week is enough. Tomorrow I’ll start to gently up the mileage and effort levels again, but bearing in mind I am on a taper for the 45 mile ultra next weekend. Today just another 2 mile trot. January will be a very low mileage month then; almost inevitable given the previous two months.

TDC 656 days 7302 miles


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