fit [TDC655]


Almost every day there seems to be some ‘scare’ story in the papers and science seems to often contradict itself from one breath to the next. Some ‘facts’ however always seem to be rather common sense whatever the sociopolitical reasons that certain groups twist things to suit their aims/beliefs/lifestyles.

Surprised today, when I shouldn’t have been, to find out that the figure we usually assume [3,500 calories = 1lb fat] is incorrect. Or rather it is too generous an estimate. I have long known the other estimate we use 1 mile walked/run = 100 calories is also pretty inaccurate. The ‘rule’ used from this inaccuracy means that 35 miles run = 1lb fat lost [assuming the loss is only fat of course, which it never will be].

The most extremis figures I have found for the two facts is 1lb fat is 3,800 calories and 1 mile covered can be as low as 65 calories. Meaning that 35 miles could becomes 58 miles! Then there is that other great estimation of 2,500 calories a day for a man to maintain his weight [has always seemed too generous in today’s desk job world]. Between all these estimates lies my great little or no weight loss conundrum.

This evening then a gentle 2 mile jog to Run England group and then a walk home after.

TDC 655 days 7300 miles


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