wait [TDC654]

So 1,300 miles in 9 weeks equals a weight loss of 7lbs!!?  At least it’s a loss but come on! I’m now at my usual barely running off season weight in my 20s and 30s. A huge amount still to shift then before July. At 2lbs a month it’s more than doable.


I’ll just have to be very careful about only [mostly] eating healthy food. Getting back to it slowly today with an 8 mile jog to/from with Sweatshop, Left ITB seems almost back to normal.

Shame I’ll have to wait until February to try out the speed I should have gained from the higher mileage and weight loss. Might not be too evident though until I get some shorter and faster training done. The first real try out is not likely to be until a Half at the end of March.


I’ll have to be very clever about aims this year; both trying to still improve speed-wise but not forgetting the real goal of the year is surviving many day’s worth of marathons. I decided today the official start of the 50 marathons will be July 17th and the last day will therefore be September 4th.

TDC 654 days 7298 miles


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