wash [TDC652]

A third recovery day in a row. Sick! But necessary I guess. ITB left leg still a little tight; I may just have to use that bloody torture implement roller this year?

I qualified for my Sweatshop free shoes today [exactly on the 1 year date] from having run 50 out of 52 weeks last year. Obviously helps that I have been leading the 10K on Tuesdays there in 2015. The manager seem to be saying I can’t have them though!? I’ll be bloody kicking and screaming if that is true!? Arseholes!

Just a nice relaxed social run with viewtube runners this morning. Most are rebooting after the holiday season and some of us are now tapering pre 45 mile Ultra race on the 16th January. For most that will be their first ultra race so it will be very exciting.

For me obviously it is going to be a tough but exciting whole year in 2016. Can’t wait to get back to it asap. But for now I am being very well behaved and taking it easy.

Better go and wash now, I think it has been 2 days? These small runs leave you thinking you haven’t done anything.

TDC 652 days 7288 miles


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