secund [TDC651]

This morning a jog to/from Wanstead Flats for a 7 mile day. I missed the parkrun start by 10 minutes due to slow and tired legs! Still I’m at 44 runs so I am now on target [if I run rather than volunteer for the next 6 weeks] to get my 50th parkrun in under 5 years. Just! It was good to have some strong hands to help move a fallen tree that has been an obstacle on the course for the last 8 weeks.


So with one year ended and another beginning it is always good to have some little reflection time to figure out what went well and what ‘not so’.

Happy with 2015
7 marathons in 7 days in 3:43 average [my first multi-day race]
Four 200+ mile weeks [208 Feb, 204 Mar, 223 Nov, 216 Dec]
752 miles in November [for a successful MMM2015]
Sub 20 minutes for 5K in Oct [a now rarely raced distance]
4810 miles for the year [a record by a huge amount]
Twice around Jersey for a rocky 96 miles in 22 hours
Going over 50 miles for the Dawn to Dusk Ultra in Dec
Leading a team of 8 to 2nd place in a 24 hour relay
Encouraging so many talented runners to up their game in 2015
Losing some bloody weight! [7 llbs]

‘Not so’ 2015
Not quite going sub 6 minutes for the mile [I should be 5.40]
Not doing so many Goodgym volunteering sessions/missions
Not quite getting back under 1:30 for the Half Marathon
Not completing the Everest stair challenge solo
Failing to keep up the stair climbing sessions after June
Not organising many running events
Not encouraging more runners to up their game
Not seeming able to lose much bloody weight!?

Aims 2016
50 marathons in 50 days.
ALL in under 4 hours?
Successfully complete the Thousand Day Challenge
Successfully complete MMM2016
Sub 6 minute mile
Organise more running events
Encouraging more runners [esp at longer distance]
Lose some bloody weight!?
Get back to some weight training
Get back to some stair climbing training

TDC 651 days 7279 miles


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