furst [TDC650]

A jog to/from parkrun and a 5K trot around at Hackney [arriving 2 minutes late due to Wanstead Flats duties] for a recovery 8 mile day. It will take a while for what is practically a TDC minimum needed average mileage day to seem like little more than a nothing day?

But I am happy to be starting a ‘rest’ period as my ITB today is very tight [not painful or even uncomfortable, at low mileage at least, but I can certainly feel it] in one small area of my left thigh.

Things will slow down now but I am currently 772 miles ahead of needed minimum TDC mileage of 10 miles a day for 1,000 days [and at one point I was 400 miles behind], so I’ll need to have a think over the weekend of what targets I set for 2016?


Certainly sleepy tired from the last two weeks exertions but glad to start the year not hungover and raring to go. It’s going to be a very interesting year!? I’ll have to be careful to hold the horses for a couple of weeks though.

TDC 650 days 7272 miles


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