end [TDC649]

I got up super early today [5am for crying out loud!] just so as to make sure I didn’t cock things up merely due to lack of time and balls everything up at the last minute.

Made it!! A very slow 28 miles this morning 14 miles then another 14 miles after a milkshake stop. Figured out isn’t hip playing up it is ITB. Quite uncomfortable the last few miles today. Not pretty but got them done. I’d say is probably from the kerb stepping up and down and 90 degree turns down small roads every 100 metres, as I had to run around town to shelter from the high winds the last 200 miles of the year.

So quite a long week but got to the magic 4810 miles for the year. Now seems like such a random mileage, but I guess all distances are ‘random’ if viewed from a certain angle. I should sit down and quickly firm up my running aims and goals for 2016. The main one of course is the 50 marathons in 50 days starting in mid July. It will all seem very real once the clock clicks over to Jan 1st in a few hours time. Has felt like a long time coming but in only a couple of weeks time the thousand day challenge will be 2/3 completed already!

Looking forward to a rest/recovery/taper from tomorrow and being back in London. The 45 mile ultra in two weeks time is not a main aim but it would be nice to do it in under 7 hours, weather/conditions permitting.

Time to get to grips with some ‘speedwork’, whatever that might mean in terms of extremely long running? Certainly I can’t see how I can continue on the longer and longer mileage weeks? With now two 200+ weeks in the last five weeks I’d say I’m pretty much topped out there I think.

TDC 649 days 7264 miles
RTR100 4810/4810 [100]


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