leapt in [TDC648]

Apparently: runner’s high explained. Fat hormones? Leptin? Think it’s more complicated than that?


runner’s high?

Not feeling that high myself today but not feeling that bad either considering. Only 19 miles completed first thing; about 12 miles with my father. Then another 11 miles before a little lunch stop, then a final 9 miles. Left hip was getting sore the last 4 miles so I played cautious. Still a 39 mile day so shouldn’t grumble [even about the strong wind – weather not bottom].

And HEY! I ‘only’ have 28 more miles to do tomorrow morning. That’s only just over half a circuit of Jersey/a Marathon. Hopefully the year will be done before brunch then? All will depend on how the hip feels tomorrow whether it is an ‘easy’ 5 hours running or a miserable 6 hours running? Unfortunately I have to pretty much do it all in one go. Not ideal. Fingers crossed I don’t take a dive at this late stage. Yes, sometimes a bit of luck is needed.

TDC 648 days 7236 miles
RTR100 4782/4810 [99]


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