sore [TDC647]

A tougher day. Took me 3 miles to get under 11 mins a mile pace and then another 6 miles to get under 10 mins a mile pace. Everything just a little bit sore. Only 17 miles done in the morning [and a 1 mile jog home after popping into the library] and so another 12 miles had to be done late afternoon for the minimum mileage I wanted/needed to cover today, but I ended up doing 15 miles. Strangely I often feel much better [albeit not necessarily faster] in the afternoon/second run of a day. I’ll have to try and work out an optimal ratio of first to second run mileages.

At least the weather is nice and sunny [when it comes up; I’m out running before sunrise most days this week] and dry, so I can’t really grumble about the strong wind every day. Tomorrow looking wet though.


Still [but only] another 67 miles and 2 days to go, so tomorrow is likely to be another long slow all day adventure? To be honest I am more than happy to stop running each day at the point I do. The slog is good for the head though; gets you used to battling on through the uncomfortable/boring bits. Yes, remarkably sometimes there is such a thing.

TDC 647 days 7197 miles
RTR100 4743/4810 [98]


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