adventure [TDC646]

The big one. Make or break day! Done. Quite slow in parts. Just a fun day pottering around; early 15 miles alone, then 6 with my father and his friend before a stop for 30 mins refuelling. Another 12 miles before a 10 min water break and then another 17 miles. A bit sore under knees the last 3 miles, so glad to stop for the day. A couple of sore tops of toes but all to be expected I guess. Feel fine otherwise.


50 miles done. Hard to believe I’ve done a second 50 mile run day in only 9 days, but needs must. Now only 100 miles remaining which is slightly over 2 circuits of Jersey in 3 days, but Thursday I travel so I need to get most done in the next two days. I’ll probably need to have a ‘comparative’ recovery day tomorrow [perhaps only 30 miles?], so Wednesday looks like being the last ‘crunch’ day. Looking forward to a ‘rest’ the first week of the New Year!

TDC 646 days 7164 miles
RTR100 4710/4810 [97]


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