boxing [TDC644]

Strange to think it is a Saturday and I’m not at a parkrun [the local event decided to ‘have a holiday’ over Xmas and new year] but at least I got to run the actual course with my father earlier in the week.

Another 30 miles knocked off this morning, [13 miles early alone, pacing my father at a 10K in 50:44 (speedwork for me at the moment), and then a final 11 miles alone] but with 170 miles still to go and only 5 days, at least one of the next few days is going to have to be an all day stop-start running adventure kind of day.


It’s clear now that whilst all the miles have made me stronger, a lack of ‘all in one’ long runs [ie 20 mile days are not the same as 20 mile runs] is probably why I felt less than great after only 28 miles during last Sunday’s double marathon in 8 hours? Glad I stuck with it [and I was moving faster than I have in a while I guess].

Strange to think that if tomorrow goes to plan I will have covered 140 miles in the week since the 50 mile race! Hardly a recovery week. I’d like to get that kind of distance done so as to have only 3 virtual Jerseys left to do [144 miles] and 4 days to do it in. All becomes a mind game at this point.

TDC 644 days 7094 miles
RTR100 4640/4810 [96]


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