A very early Xmas eve start for the running, just to get the necessary miles in. Nice to run before and as it is getting light. A 3 hour run before breakfast [16 miles with toilet and photo stops] and then another 2 hours-ish late afternoon to knock off another 30 miles from the remaining total. Today was the first key to getting the job done for the year.


Will probably need to be fewer miles tomorrow so of the remaining 216 miles perhaps there’ll be 200 miles still to do in the last 6 days of 2015? Ouch! That will be roughly equivalent to my record breaking 223 mile week in November? Even a 6 day mileage record?

The plan is 25,25 over the weekend, a BIG 50 mile ‘potter around’ adventure all day on Monday, leaving just 100 miles to do in the last 3 days of the year. Travelling back to London on the Thursday so that would have to be a ‘short’ day early in the morning [20 miles max] meaning still a couple of 40 mile days! Ouch indeed! But still all to play for.

TDC 642 days 7048 miles
RTR100 4594/4810 [95]


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