wind [TDC640]

Got up early to run [though not as early as had planned] still really windy but strangely very warm. Stayed in the shelter of town, which will have given the watch a good workout on its satellite tracking. Felt like stopping at 8 miles then realised I was moving reasonably fast [9 mins a mile pace] so decided to keep at it till 10 miles, which turned into 13 miles, so job done. Quads still a bit tired but no walking down stairs backwards post Sunday race, so I must be getting somewhat stronger?


Still big decisions to make in the next couple of days re: going for the 4810 miles for the year or not? A BIG challenge for sure at still 266 miles and only now 9 days. Not out of reach if I manage to go nearer 20 miles tomorrow as the last ‘recovery’ day.

Through 7,000 miles for the Thousand Day Challenge tomorrow.

TDC 640 days 6998 miles
RTR100 4544/4810 [94]


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