bridesmaid [TDC638]

Another second place this year at the SiTC dawn to dusk ultra. I always seem to come up against a young whippersnapper that can run the best part of 60 miles in 8 hours. Oh well at least I got over the 50 miles this year [I was determined as I missed it by 1/2 mile last year]. 51 miles and if I had been given correct information whilst running I would have tried to go a little faster the last few laps so as to be allowed to get a final lap in [in ultras you can start a last lap if began just before the finish time] as it would have been nice to get the double marathon 52.4 miles in 8 hours. Next year.

Also a good day for fellow viewtubers doing 10Ks, Half, Marathon, and ultras.

A rest day needed tomorrow [and travelling home – trains/planes etc] and so I have probably left it too late now for the 4810 miles in 2015. A massive 285 miles remaining and only 11 days. I’ll see how I feel in a couple of days. Would be a shame to get to 99 circuits or something similar but hey, it was only supposed to have been 70 circuits anyhow.

TDC 638 days 6979 miles
RTR100 4525/4810 [94]


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