Just a couple of jog miles early this morning in the sun. The lightest week I’ve had in months. Should be quite rested for tomorrow. Unfortunately with only 7 virtual circuits of Jersey to do I think I will just miss out? I’d have to do a record breaking 250 mile week for the last 7 days of the year. Not so much the mileage more the time taken away from what should be a festive break.

Biggest decisions for tomorrow is new shoes [for 50 miles!?] or which pair of nearly dead ones, and new untested watch or have to carry the broken strap old one? I’ll let the pace sort itself out as I go along. Will be interesting.

First time through 4500 miles in a year tomorrow. Also have to keep reminding myself it is now TDC countdown time [less than a year remaining] and only seven months till the big marathon efforts. I may have to rethink the TDC aimed for total mileage, as tomorrow I should end up at already nearly 600 miles ahead of schedule. I might have to try for the ‘half way around the world in 1,000 days’ though not as catchy as 10,000 miles in 1,000 days?

TDC 637 days 6928 miles
RTR100 4474/4810 [93]


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