osterly [TDC630]

Event Adjudicating at the Osterly Park 10K this morning then a jog back along canals and through muddy fields; good fun. A brief stop at 12 miles to refuel but pretty much non-stop otherwise. Lower back starting to get a little sore due to all the pounding but should hold out hopefully until the end of the year.


Interesting all the funny little bits and pieces you find when you ‘run random’. Makes the miles go by without effort. A beautiful cast iron bridge in the middle of a field over the river Brent. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere now, but must have been an important crossing at some point in time? The company stopped trading 35 years ago so the bridge is older than that.

Other highlights, the Whamcliffe viaduct [with roosting bats], the Hanwell flight of locks, and the Hoover building in Perivale [shame it’s now a supermarket].

TDC 630 days 6891 miles
RTR100 4437/4810 [92]


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