art [TDC627]

A long slow day where I was tired from mile one without any real reason I could think of? Yes November was mega miles but I’ve hardly been caning it this last week. Suspect sleep or fuelling issue.


A nice plod around town stopping every now and then to take photos. First stint 24 miles. Annoyed to be told watch about to die, so had to rely on Alessio’s watch, who came and ran with me for the next 7 miles and then I used the watch for another 3 miles with the Run England guys, before using my watch for the last mile home [died as I got there].

Had hoped for more than 35 miles but will have to do. Only 418 miles to go in the next 22 days.

TDC 627 days 6846 miles
RTR100 4392/4810 [91]


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