The MMM comparison chart is interesting. Shows [not surprisingly] where most of the extra almost 300 miles came from; the first 10 days of the challenge. The first year now seems weirdly cautions? Also strange to see that day 12 in all three years was a minimal mileage recovery day; despite the distance covered to that point being very different year to year.

Today the last of three recovery, almost nothing running days and the start of the sprint to the finish line for the year. Nice to not have to do any specific mileage each day, but I’ll have to work hard the next 10 days especially, as I have a 50 mile event in just over two weeks that I should mini-taper for at least. Already well beyond the farthest I’ve ever run in a year.

Today just 5 miles before/after the evening Run England session.


TDC 622 days 6760 miles
RTR100 4306/4810 [89]


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