weight a minute [TDC621]

Tried to get on the scales again today, to report over the MMM2015 lost lbs, but they were switched off just as yesterday. I know the weight has to be going this year as the work trousers are getting looser, but I need to get a figure soon before it starts creeping up again over Xmas!

I had no need to get around speedily today so walked probably 4 miles but only jogged 2 miles [no I am not running the dates in December]. Two 7.30 am lie ins have seemed very strange. At least it’s good to know that the longer running is unlikely to be doing any real harm, despite the scare stories you often read about from the uneducated, headline loving, mainstream press. I mean, your brain probably shrinks 6% after a heavy night on the pop? And a 3,000 mile event is hardly standard even for ultra runners.


TDC 621 days 6755 miles
RTR100 4301/4810 [89]


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