over [TDC618]

Is it nearly December? Woke up today stiff as a board, couldn’t move so no running, challenge over!!

Meh! Coz not! Up at 5am for the first 13 miles of the day before work. Got another couple of mile done at lunchtime and another 5 miles home. Then the last 10 miles pottering around after a pit stop, which seemed too easy. All done and dusted before 7pm. Somehow felt like I was playing hookey stopping so early. Really glad the forecast heavy rain never appeared.

New records: MMM 752 [up from 564 miles in 2014] and 224 miles in a week [up from 217]. Full report tomorrow Now just 537 miles to do for December! So not that much rest possible. On the scales tomorrow which will be interesting. Mike lost 6lbs up to day 20 so I must have lost something!?

DAY30 miles
minimum total needed 465
For 600 miles needed 600

TDC 618 days 6727 miles
RTR100 4273/4810 [88]


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