Early start but still warm at 5am despite the blustery wind. Strange to run random around streets that are empty. Got 20 miles out of the way before meeting viewtube runners. A whole 90g chocolate bar left me feeling good for 10 miles with them and then an hour’s tea and cake break.

Dropped Mike home after a 6 mile jog together but then another 3 mile jog home somehow turned into another 10 mile jog home; for 16 miles total [and a 46 mile day]. I had hoped to make a good dent in the 76 remaining miles of the MMM2015 challenge but somehow I find myself with only the minimum needed 30 miles to do tomorrow. Never a walk in the park obviously but almost now an anticlimax.

If I manage just over 30 miles tomorrow, due to the ‘scrag ends’ of miles [the .01 and .12 type stuff] I will in fact get to 752 miles for the month. Worked for but still a little unexpected. Lots of personal records set to tumble tomorrow.

DAY29 miles
minimum total needed 435
For 600 miles needed 580

TDC 617 days 6697 miles
RTR100 4243/4810 [88]


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