annoyed [TDC616]

parkrun start at Bushy with Mike [we run at a modest 8.30 pace] and Susan then a run back along the Thames, muddy in places but kept thing interesting. Susan left at 15 miles and Mike at 21 miles and I carried on pootling along after to Clapham where I took a 15 minute refuel stop [hadn’t had any breakfast] at the marathon distance.

I had considered doing the rest of the day in 3 mile jumps with little rests but the legs just kept on going for another 8 miles when just as I was debating whether to stop at 38 miles and have a longer recovery for Sunday or break the back of the remaining mileage by going to 41 miles, my watch died [after only 6 hours!] so the decision was made for me. Rather annoyed but at least 35 miles done and still just in the game with 76 miles to cover in 2 days.

Hopefully won’t be any problem getting the MMM2015 with minimum mileage for the last 2 days [and therefore do at least 733 miles for a record month] but it would be nice to get those other targets. Tomorrow will be the crunch day at 40 miles or more.

DAY28 miles
minimum total needed 406
For 600 miles needed 560

TDC 616 days 6651 miles
RTR100 4197/4810 [87]


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