targets [TDC613]

During the first run of the day [10 miles] I bested last year’s total mileage for MMM2014 which was nice but small comfort as I knew it still meant another 185 miles to try for, and in only five and a half days!.

Having finished the day with another 7 miles in the afternoon and 8 miles in the evening, the targets on the way to that hoped for 750 miles for MMM2015 are firstly, over the next 3 days, to best 625 miles [my current highest ever mileage for 4 weeks/28 days] and to top 217 miles for this last week, that started yesterday [my current highest ever mileage for a week/7 days]. The first aim is almost a given but the other is rather harder. Also I now can’t go much below 35 miles day for the next 5 days! [170 miles]

As I love a challenge, these stepping stones I think will be key to keeping me going at the required level for the next five days. Surprised that nothing aching, just sleepy tired all the time; as fitting all the miles in around everything else is the biggest challenge during this last week of such efforts.

Also notice that it is now only just over 700 miles to try for before the end of the year [36 days].

DAY25 miles
minimum total needed 325
For 600 miles needed 500

TDC 613 days 6557 miles
RTR100 4103/4810 [85]


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