14 drizzly miles in the morning [9 with super Ellie] and another run completed at a good pace [mostly 8.30 but all sub 9 minutes a mile]. Some toes getting a little bit bashed due to wet feet but otherwise feeling really good.

Another 6.5 miles later in the afternoon and Sweatshop leading and jog home after for a final 7.5 miles. Just a bit over minimum distance at 28 miles, but feeling I’m somehow being lazy!?

Might have to be 30 mile-ish days for all the last 6 days of the challenge? And will need a couple slightly over that if I am to reach 750 miles for the month! Tomorrow morning I will have run farther than I have the previous two years [487 miles in 2013 and 564 miles in 2014] with five and a half days to go.

DAY24 miles
minimum total needed 300
For 600 miles needed 480

TDC 612 days 6532 miles
RTR100 4078/4810 [84]


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