snow [TDC609]

Those that got up early enough this morning would have experienced rain, hail, sleet and snow all within about 15 minutes. Pretty cold day. At least sunny in the afternoon. Very pleasant running; another day where I felt I could have run and run. Felt rather lazy therefore to only do 23 miles [7 miles before parkrun, tailrunning, and 12 miles after].

Had to resist the temptation to jump on the scales after finishing. Only 9 days to go already!? Despite the higher mileage this year it seems to be flying by. The next few days though are the hard ones. Given successful completion [even with minimal mileage each day from this point onwards] I will have to have covered at least 715 miles this month.

DAY21 miles
minimum total needed 221
For 600 miles needed 420

TDC 609 days 6458 miles
RTR100 4004/4810 [83]


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