grrr [TDC605]

Day started well. Warm, dry and good company with Ellie and Laila for 10 miles [12 miles for me] at a decent pace in the early morning. Then it all went pooey.

Had to miss lunchtime run due to heavy rain [couldn’t arrive at work soaked], Garmin 610 watch strap just fell off!? Only had time for 7 miles after work, Sweatshop run the watch didn’t find satellites and so no distance/route was logged for the 10K. And nose started dripping all day. And a hurricane this evening.

Still at 25 miles the minimal MMM2015 distance was achieved and surpassed [though it now feels like coasting] and I wanted to do much more. Ahead of TDC required mileage by over 300 miles. And just under 900 miles to now try and cover in 44 days till the end of the year.

Tomorrow is another day.

DAY17 miles
minimum total needed 153
For 600 miles needed 340

TDC 605 days 6369 miles
RTR100 3915/4810 [81]


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